Unhappy At work – Are you Unhappy with Your Current Job?

As someoUnhappy at workne who desires to see employees have healthy careers; it has always been my hope that they enjoy the work they do.

This is important, as most of us spend more time at work than we do with those we love.

On a daily basis, we trade our time at work for a paycheck.

As the process goes on day after day; you have to ask if you are truly happy with what you do?

In some cases, it is hard to stay engaged while at work.  During the workday, there are many things that impact our level of engagement.

A recent study by The Conference Board found that a little over 50% of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Throughout my career, I have observed scores of dissatisfied employees.  If I were, to sum up some of the reasons why they are unhappy, I would say they fall into the following categories:

Causes Of Employee Dissatisfaction

  • Bad Bosses – Employees often state that they have left positions because of their bosses vs. their job. A bad boss can be a micromanager, bully, bad communicator, unfair, or an overall jerk. Regardless of the reason, bad bosses are often good at chasing away good employees.
  • Lack of challenge – Sometimes, employees find themselves in a position where they are able to do their job in their sleep, or without much effort. This is okay for some but it becomes a huge psychological drain for others while making for a boring work day.
  • Lack of opportunities for advancement – The nature of some jobs along with organizational structure, does not allow individuals to advance or gain new skills or experiences. Most employees’ welcome opportunities to grow and make their job experience fulfilling. The lack of opportunities often leads to disengagement and dissatisfaction.
  • Hard work with no recognition — One of the great failures of leaders and organizations, is their inability to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of their employees. Many employees want to have some sort of recognition for the work they perform.  Not acknowledging performance leads to dissatisfaction and disengagement.
  • It is time to move on – Some positions are only intended for the employee to stay for a few years. The market may dictate that job outputs stay fresh and relevant in order to have the best business-related impact.  In some cases, employees simply have grown to the point where they are no longer a good fit for the position.  This is not a bad thing.  It just means that it is time to move on to a new job.  This requires the employee to be truthful with themselves in order to avoid getting into a rut and becoming dissatisfied.

I am sure you can easily add many more categories to the list above, based on your experiences.

What To do When You Are Unhappy With Your Job

So, the question now becomes what should I do, if I am disengaged?  YourCareerDoctor recommends that you take time to make an honest assessment of your situation.  A common mistake that many employees make is thinking that their identity is wrapped up in just one business or job.  They cannot see themselves working at another job, or for another business.  I always argue that regardless of the circumstance, their education, skills, and experiences are worth something to another employer.  So instead of staying disengaged and unhappy, go find another job.  Why stay at a job if you are not happy?

Just a few things to ponder as you think about going to work tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Unhappy At work – Are you Unhappy with Your Current Job?”

  1. I’m a lover of research and exploits, but since my present job, I hardly make any step further. It’s been sitting and clearing files on my desk. Stagnancy is written all over me.
    I’ve made moves to get a new Job but none yet. Hope to get one soon while I frequent your Job board.

  2. No matter how hard I work, my Boss remains ingrate. It has gotten to the point that sometimes, he will pretend and make it look like an oversight.
    He barely appreciate my efforts and inputs. Now, I’ve a made up mind, I’m done working with him since unhappiness keeps me company in his firm.

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