Calling In Sick To Work – Did you Call In Sick Today?

Calling In Sick To WorkThoughts About Calling In Sick To Work

YourCareerDoctor has a few thoughts about calling in sick.

When it comes to calling in sick, there are two types of people.

The first type is someone who is genuinely sick and or needs a mental health day.  People in this category use sick days to rest and recover.  On occasion, it is a good idea to use a sick day to maintain your mental health (deal with stress, relax or refresh).

The other type of person is someone who is disengaged.  According to a 2017 Gallop poll, disengaged workers represent between 33% and 49% of the workforce.   More commonly, disengaged workers feel undervalued, not respected, and unchallenged.  These feelings lead to the desire to call in sick more often.  Calling in sick represents an avenue to escape dissatisfaction at work.

As a career coach, I’ve had many conversations with workers who are disengaged and dissatisfied with their job. I always encourage them to find a resolution to stay in their position or find a new job.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy at work and have tried everything else to resolve your problems, you may want to consider getting another job.  At YourCareerDoctor, we firmly believe you have the power to own your career (#ownmycareer).  With that in mind, we encourage you to visit our job board to view open positions.

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Good luck with your situation.  Don’t settle for being dissatisfied when you can #ownyourcareer and find a new job.

Have a good week!


Dr. Derrick E. Haynes — YourCareerDoctor

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5 thoughts on “Calling In Sick To Work – Did you Call In Sick Today?”

  1. I thought I couldn’t help myself, because of the hectic nature of my job. All the same, career Doctor left me with the courage of picking up a new Job and utilizing my mental health day properly.

    Today I work with full efficiency and increased productivity.

  2. Often, taking one sick day to recover will save you from getting sicker and later needing to take off several days. It is also inconsiderate to risk infecting your coworkers or clients. Take care of yourself and be an asset, not a liability!

  3. Lately, I realized that each time I over work myself, I become too dizzy and if care is not taken, my punctuality to work the next day will be altered.
    It seems I can’t do without working an extra time due to the volume of work on my desk. I’m tired ow calling in sick, what do you suggest?

  4. My work place and it’s management leaves me with an odd feeling of not being valued. It hurts me a lot when an exempted, taking it to be my incompetency.
    Therefore, whenever they need my optimum service, I usually put up an excuse as an avenue to escape dissatisfaction at work.

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