Targeted Job Search – Why Is My Job Search Taking So Long?


Targeted Job Search

One of the many important things in life is employment.

Although there are many jobs, not all of them fit into a truly satisfying career.

It is important to be focused on your job search and not give up.

Why Your Targeted Job Search May Be Taking So Long

For more than 20 years, I have worked with clients helping them to secure their dream jobs. Since then, I have noticed a trend.  Most job seekers expect the process to move quickly.  This is an unrealistic expectation and often not the case.  For example, if you are seeking a job that pays $70K, it takes approximately one month for every $10K in yearly salary you desire to be paid.  So, it may take a long time if you are expecting a big yearly salary.

In addition to the time taken to find a job with the salary expected, there are a few other factors that contribute to the length of time.  Here are some reasons to consider;

  • It takes a long time for an employer to fill a position: Employers have to go through multiple steps to hire a position.  It takes time for the employer to create, advertise, search, and hire for a position.  As a former executive, I would be leery of any employer who did not take sufficient time and due diligence to conduct a quality hiring process.  So, job seekers will have to be patient during the search process.
  • Many people are competing for the same position: The needs of the market, candidate availability, and position expectations, often dictate how many candidates apply for a position.  I have seen hiring processes with a few applicants and others with 100+.  Either way, it takes time for the employer to identify an adequate group of candidates to interview. Patience is the key!
  • Job seekers have unrealistic expectations: On a number of occasions, I have come across job seekers who have unrealistic expectations of the connection between their skills/background and the position requirements.  It is not wise to expect an interview based on a self-assessment of meeting the minimum or preferred qualifications.  From an employers perspective, it is a “task” to identify the best candidates out of a pool of highly similarly qualified candidates.  This is why I encourage job seekers to do things to set themselves apart.

Overall, these factors contribute to longer wait times from application submission, interview, and hire.

What To Do When Your Job Search Takes Longer Than You Thought

YourCareerDoctor has the following health “job search prescription” for you:

  1. Don’t give up on your search. It takes time to land your dream job
  2. Take time to tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the job announcement.
  3. Don’t get upset if your dream job falls through. There are many more out there.

Hopefully, this post will help you in your job search.  Don’t give up and keep searching.

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Until next time, have a healthy career!


Dr. Derrick E. Haynes — YourCareerDoctor

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