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Your Career Doctor is a full-service website here to help you have a health career.  We offer a range of services to include the following:

Your Career Doctor – The Best Place To Build Your Career

Blog – Our blog explores topics around conducting job searches; selecting the right job; identifying the right job fit for you; how to decide when it is time to leave your job; strategies to deal with office politics; dealing with good/bad bosses; and many other career-related topics. Our blog will also offer posts from guest bloggers who also share a passion for career health.

Job Board – Our job board – http://jobs.yourcareerdoctor.com, is a place where you can find 1000’s of jobs in our searchable database.  Visit our page to find your dream job.

Job Coaching – You can reach out and receive support for career success. We offer coaching, resume/cover letter review, and advice on attending trade school, college, and graduate school.


We look forward to serving you.